The island of Samos (North Aegean Sea)

The first time I’ve been to Greece was in 2000 and it was the beginning of September. A nice period for discovering an island like Samos, as the busiest time in terms of tourism is over and the suffocating heat of August has come to an end. Unfortunately, it was the year of the fires on Samos, and a big part of the vegetation in the southern area of the island was already destroyed.

Samos is one of the islands of the North Aegean Sea and relatively big, hilly and woody, situated very near the coast of Minor Asia. The island is well known because of its good wine, the Muscat, which is being produced for the Greek market and for exportation. Furthermore, olives, figs, various vegetables and fruit are grown, and the breeding of sheep and goats is very popular on the island. There are many magnificent villages in Samos were one can find narrow streets, white houses with tiled roofs, streets with bars, taverns, little shops and archaeological evidence everywhere. The first seven days I’ve spent in Kokkari, a beautiful, quiet and traditional village situated in the north of the island. Starting from Kokkari, we’ve been on a bike trip discovering the south coast until we’ve reached the city of Karlovasi, passing never ending beaches, vineyards and meadows. In and around the villages you’ll find many taverns, ouzerias and fish restaurants, where it is possible to taste the delicious food of Samos.

Samos is the island where Pythagoras was born and the city where my holiday ended is called…Pythagoreio. Nearby, there are many archaeological excavations where evidence of the antique Greek and Roman period can be found, such as the agora, Pythagoras’ tunnel and the thermal baths. There are ancient monasteries situated on the mountains which are worth a visit. The interesting history of Samos, its beautiful architecture and the loveliness of its inhabitants make Samos, according to my opinion, one of the most beautiful places in Greece.

11.11.2005 / Translated from italian by Giorgia Guarini