I think that there isn’t a lot to say on today’s Greece, except of the fact that its identity is founded partly on its independence war, as Greece was a part of the Ottoman Empire for 400 years. It was the period in which the Greeks abandoned their name of «Romaics» or «Romans», assuming again the one of «Hellenics». It can also be mentioned that Greece, for the western part of Europe, is regarded to be the place of birth of European culture.

The South of Italy and Greece share nearly uninterruptedly a common history from the Greek-Archaic period (disregarding the frequent contacts in the Mycenaean-Minoan period) to the Roman Empire leading to the end of the eleventh century, when the South of Italy, then being part of the Eastern Roman Empire, was conquered by the Normans.

31.03.2005 / Translated from italian by Giorgia Guarini